Studio Work | March 2016

/ Architecture and Space

As an artist I am researching the location of familiar spaces in a abstract sense. Photographing these spaces then omitting the details of the photograph, have been a preoccupation and obsession in my paintings. This journey started with text “The Arcades Project” by Walter Benjamin. I was drawn into how he described this space as a place for creation of ideas and death.

My past paintings moved from airports, architecture, and map imagery. More recently, my work included mappings of institutional space programs with a thought or mention of camping trailers. Some of my paintings are large, colorful, impulsive and spontaneous. Recently I have been influenced by the work of Sigmar Polke, Richard Diebenkorn, & Peter Haley.

I live and work in Portland OR. My paintings and video work have been exhibited at Worksound Gallery Portland OR …. Laforet Museum in Harajuku, Nueva, Tokyo Japan, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Adamski Gallery of Contemporary Art, Aachen, and Basel Switzerland

photoshop print on linen
photoshop print on linen + paint + ink



Oil on panel
24" x 36"

Portfolio Book

Project Book of new work and paintings


Transportation v1.6 Cover (Resized 2)

New Book - Collection of new work in print 8.5 x 11"

Printed in color

80lb cover gloss
60lb pages gloss
8.5 x 11" page size
perfect bound


video by salvatore reda
music by warren defever

flowers at night burn so bright
from salreda on Vimeo.